La fluorescence

La fluorescence n'est pas usuelle. Elle propose un regard neuf sur une qualité de la lumière et sur le découpage des couleurs. Associée au verre, la fluorescence interpelle par sa nouveauté, mais surtout par sa nature impossible car elle est une lumière révélée par la matière. Sa dimension perçue est profonde et mystérieuse. 

Yves Braun’s workshop is a space dedicated to exploring the relationship between light and matter. Research into materials is the main resource and dynamic of his approach as a visual artist.

The filter and the prism provide the usual language for glass sculpture, and the physical means of structuring a visual game using luminous flux. Fluorescent sculpture, however, does not fall within this formula. Fluorescence is another language, which offers a new poetry of light.

Fluorescence fascinates; it draws the eye; it speaks to the senses, to the imagination and to the subconscious. It has deep roots in mythology (iconography, science fiction, the abyss, light sabres, intelligent crystals, etc). Perceived as an expression of light revealed, it is a mysterious presence.

As a source of coloured light, fluorescent glass can occupy any point along the RGB spectrum depending on the additives used. However, fluorescent glass plays by its own rules when it assembles colours, with a nod to the eternal questions about perception and the impossibility of classifying colours .

The use of fluorescence is not widespread in the visual arts; it is mainly used in the performance arts and by painters who work with flat surfaces. When used in transparent materials, fluorescence takes on a whole other visual dimension.

The emanation of light by a glass shape does not take place on its surface but within the heart of the material, pervading it simultaneously by luminous conduction throughout its geometry. The result is de-focused luminaires, stripped of their shadows and without familiar visual cues.

In terms of perception, this poetic innovation leaves the gaze unfocused and the mind adrift. The feeling is soothing, meditative and even “zen”. Accept Yves Braun’s invitation, and let your gaze sink into the unfathomable. Experience an impossible voyage, towards a mythical and marvellous Arcadia, where light is revealed by matter.

“... here, light transcends reality and takes us towards a mystical dimension, which speaks to us of cosmogonies in which it lies at the origin of creation and life.” Laurent Subra - Director of the Museum and Centre for Glass Art, Carnaux, France.